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Prizes I’ve won in online competitions

Winning MAY and JUNE

On the first of May a bottle Mint and Tea Tree Original Source shower gel arrived
On the 14th of May a pair of AFTERSHOKZ Bluez 2 Wireless Headphones arrived, well not actually arrived because I had to go to the post office to collect them I won them via a competition on Athletics Weekly. Here is my review of the AFTERSHOKZ Bluez 2 Wireless Headphones.

On the 16th an Ipad Air case by XQISIT arrived in the post. We both own regular iPads so this iPad case wil go in the box to be donated to Stray Aid.

On the 19th a copy of Improbable Libraries by Alex Johnson arrived in the post. A very nice coffee table book with lots of photos of very interesting libraries from around the World.

On the 2nd of June a Luster Premium White Pro Light Whitening System arrived in the post. I won it via a competition on on Vintage TV.

On the 8th of June a Crewsaver Crewfit 165N Sport Manual With Harness Lifejacket arrived at my door. I won it on Yachts and Yachting Magazine website.
Crewsaver Crewfit 165N Sport Manual With Harness Lifejacket

On the 19th a DVD copy of The Cutting Room arrived.

On the 20th a package arrived containing ‘Dog Rocks’.

On the 25th of June and pair of shorts and a t-shirt arrived from ETO Jeans. A very nice result. All I need now is a nice sunny and warm spell into which to wear them.

Blog post by Richard Randall
Total prize value to date: £3242 (from 1st September 2013).

A Winning Year – Competitions Won

It has been a very slow year for winning online competitions for me. February and March were dire months, with only a couple of very small wins. April was much better, and I did win some useful stuff.
I won a bottle of Villa Maria Riesling white wine. Not a big win, but one which will not go to waste.
Over the last two months I’ve won 2 DVD’s both of which are the same film. What are the chances of that I wonder? The DVD’s are of Night Train to Lisbon, starring Jeremy Irons.

I have also one a few books including:
Foot Sex of the Mind by Ian M Pindar.

Another book I won is OTMA 82-THE FIRST DAY: TRIAL AND RESURRECTION by Serge Jusyp.

Also to arrive was Proteus by Simon Hawkins.

Then a copy of The Oxford Illustrated History of the First World War by Hew Strachan arrived in the post.

A good result came on the 20th of April. A £150 giftcard for Primark. While it is not a shop that I’ve ever been to before, it is still a good win, and I got a lot of clothing which will be good for when I’m out walking the dog.
primark gift card
On the 22nd of April a DVD copy of Get On Up, The James Brown Story arrived in the post.

On the last day of April a copy of From Birmingham to Bombay by Alan Coxon arrived in the post.

Blog post by Richard Randall
Total prize value to date: £2930 (from 1st September 2013).

Winning January – Winter Blues

The month started of slow and stayed slow. In fact it is my worst month for winning stuff. Fingers crossed for Feb.

On the 7th a copy of The Defence by Steve Cavanagh arrived in the post.

On the 9th a SnoozeShade arrived.

Later the same day a FedEx package from New York arrived with a copy of Maker – Daughter of Time, Book 3 by Erec Stebbins.

On the 14th a paper back copy of The Convictions of John Delahunt by Andrew Hughes arrived.

On the 24th 3 lonely planet Kids books arrived in the post from a First Choice Blog competition I had entered. A copy of Adventures in Busy Places, Adventures in Wild Places and a copy of Adventures in Cold Places.

Blog post by Richard Randall
Total prize value to date: £2675 (from 1st September 2013).

Winning Christmas

The month started off well. On the 1st of December this little pet matt arrived in the post from Purina. A tad small for our Lurcher, so into the charity box for StrayAid it goes.
On the 5th of December a copy of Demons and Thieves by Lynda Berger arrived in the post.

On the 7th a copy of Bunting and Pennants by Kate Haxell arrived.

On the 10th a Mamas & Papas Christmas Tree Decor – Tartan Reindeer With Chime/Rattle arrived in the post.

On the 11th a copy of Spanners: The Fountain of Youth by Jon Maas arrived.

On the 12th a copy of Happy Hooves, Ta Dah! by Anna Bogie and Rebecca Elliott arrived.

On the 16th a Donna Vinyl Collection Box set arrived at the door.

On the 18th a Batiste Original Dry Shampoo 50ml arrived. Mrs.R is rather looking forward to trying it.

On the 20th a copy of Shell Shocked Britain: The First World War’s Legacy for Britain’s Mental Health by Suzie Grogan arrived in the post.

On th 23nd two things arrived at our door. Our first was a Sophie the Giraffe Baby Starter Kit containing Sophie la Girafe Baby Face Cream 20 ml, a face cream for sensitive skin,
Sophie la Girafe Baby Body Lotion 20 ml, a rich and nourishing moisture lotion,
Sophie la Girafe Baby Oil 20 ml, a multi-purpose and luxurious baby oil and a
Sophie la Girafe Baby Hair & Body Wash 20 ml, a nurturing, gentle cleanser.
Next to arrive was a bottle of Grant’s Signature Blended Whisky. Happy Days
December was a decent month for winning stuff. Of most value was the Donna Summer vinyl at £170 but of most us was the bottle of Grants Whisky 😀
Blog post by Richard Randall

Total prize value to date: £2610 (from 1st September 2013).

A Winning November

It has been a good month for me, for winning online competitions. First to arrived was a box full of chocolates and a £100 Red Letter Days gift voucher. The chocolates are being donated to StrayAid, for the staff to enjoy on their breaks. The Red Letter Day voucher was converted into a bottle of Single Malt Whiskey and a bottle of Champagne.
Next to arrive was a copy on Debug on DVD. It stars Jason Momoa and was directed by David Hewlett. It’ll on my pile of DVD’s to watch because it sounds like something I might enjoy. Then it’ll end up in the charity box for the StrayAid shop in Easington Colliery.

Next to arrive was a paper back copy of Aenigma by Erus Ludus. This book will be added to my ‘to read’ pile which is now getting rather high. Books arrive faster then I can read them.

Another football arrived this month. Very useful because our dog Barley loves playing with footballs when we take he down to Crimdon Beach.
Some sample size Kosé Cell Radiance creams came. I bit beyond me but I’m sure Mrs.R will know how to use them.
A Fimo kids Robot Form and Play Set arrived in the post and went straight in the box for the StrayAid charity shop.

On the 17th 2 books arrived. The first was a copy of Man at the Helm by Nina Stibbe

Also to arrive was a copy of The Ravenous Dead by Kenneth McIntosh.
A copy of Girls’ Night In by Gemma Barder arrived.

The last win of the month was a copy of Winter Knitting: Patterns for the Family and Home by MillaMia and 5 balls of Millamia Naturally Soft Merino Wool.

Blog post by Richard Randall
Total prize value to date: £2020 (from 1st September 2013).

The World’s Greatest Tanks by Michael E Haskew

A copy of The World’s Greatest Tanks by Michael E Haskew arrived in the post last week. I won it in an online competition.
I’ve had a flick through it, and it’ll make a fine blokey coffee table book. Something to dip into when there is nothing on the T.V.

Blog post by Richard Randall
Total prize value to date: £1646 (from 1st September 2013).

Orchard Toys Jigsaws

Orchard Toys jigsaws puzzles arrived in the post yesterday. I won them on While they are not of use to us, they will go into Christmas gifts box for some lucky nipper to receive on Xmas Day.
Blog post by Richard Randall
Total prize value to date: £1566 (from 1st September 2013).

The Battery on DVD

I won a DVD copy of The Battery from Horror Asylum the other day. After reading blurb online about this movie, it seems right up my street. It is a low budget zombie movie staring Adam Cronheim and Jeremy Gardner. It is directed by Jeremy Gardner.
It will be a while before I get round to watching The Battery because I have a bit of a back log of movies to watch, but it is something to look forward to.

Blog post by Richard Randall
Total prize value to date: £1440 (from 1st September 2013).

BoiKido My First Drum

The BoiKido My First Drum arrived in the post on Thursday. I won it via the BoiKido Facebook Page. While I ‘March to the Beat of my own Drum’, a toy drum is not much use to me, so it will be gifted to a friends son.
BoiKido My First Drum

Blog post by Richard Randall
Total prize value to date: £1430 (from 1st September 2013).

Gillette Cool Wave

Yesterday a packet arrived in the post. It was a set of Gillette Cool Wave products that I won on the FRESH & FEARLESS blog. While it is a small prize, it is a very useful one, so cheers Aftab.
Gillette Cool Wave

Blog post by Richard Randall
Total prize value to date: £1345 (from 1st September 2013).