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Organic Spelt Flour Bread

The other week we paid a visit to Haswell’s Homer Hill Farm Shop in County Durham.
To my pleasant surprise they sold Spelt flour. I’ve not seen it for sale in this area before (County Durham) and I haven’t baked with it for several years.
In fact the last time I baked bread with Spelt flour was when we lived in the South of France.
This flour is produced by Sharpham Park (Street, Somerset, United Kingdom BA16 9SA) and is a mix of 60% wholegrain and 40% white Spelt flour.
I used my standard bread recipe, which is 500g of flour, 300ml of warm water, 7g of yeast, generous splash of Olive Oil, and a large pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt.
The bread turned out extremely well, and was full of flavour.
I’ll have to buy Spelt flour online in the future though, because the shopping experience at Haswell’s Homer Hill Farm Shop was not one that I would want to repeat.

Blog post by Richard Randall

Jamie Oliver – How to Fillet a Salmon or Trout

Buying a whole fish is the perfect way to feed loads of people at once or a great method to save money if you plan to eat it regularly. So Jamie Oliver’s got some simple methods to cut it and create different portions for any occasion. Don’t be scared guys – give it a go!

Jamie Oliver – Fish Fettuccine

The most delicious and light fettuccine you can imagine. It is full of traditional garden veggies which give it an incredible freshness whilst the smoked trout gives it a wicked twist. Make sure you serve this STRAIGHT away with a generous serving of Parmesan for the ultimate dish and accompanied with an awesome dressed salad… what more could you want? By Jamie Oliver.

Gourmet Scotch Eggs in Durham

The other Thursday (last Thursday of the Month) we popped into Durham to do a little sightseeing. The sightseeing was not for us, but our houseguest. It was by chance that the monthly ‘Farmers Market’ was being held in Market Square.
The Clucking Pig. Durham Farmers Market. Scotch Eggs. Pork. Food.
‘Famers Market’ was a bit of a stretch in terms of description.
There were only a few stalls. We had a quick gander at the market stalls, which really did only take a minute or so, and then we decided to buy a couple of Scotch Eggs from the The Clucking Pig Company. There was quite a varied selection of Scotch Eggs available, I chose two, one was ‘The Game Keeper’ with pheasant, venison and rabbit, and the other was ‘Black Pearl’ made from free range pork with award winning black pudding. They cost £2.50 each.
The following evening I decided to serve the Scotch Eggs with a salad. Both of the eggs had a good colour on the yoke, and both were very tasty. The quality and flavour was a million miles away from the mass produced ones that are sold in supermarkets.
Scotch EggScotch Egg Salad

Blog post by Richard Randall