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Growing Pains – An Allotment Tale

Work is slowly progressing on my bit of the allotment I share.
I now have climbing beans and courgettes planted. It is a bit late in the season for them, but worth a try. The climbing beans and courgettes in our back yard are already cropping.
I’ve had a few casualties on my plants, from rabbits and bugs. Rabbits have had a few young cabbage plants, and bugs have feasted on a few of the other plants.
I’m trying out a few things to cure these problems. I scatter ash, and also have a breathable bag of both dog and human hair, which is supposed to deter rabbits.
To deter the bugs I’m spraying the plants with a mix of salt, chilli peppers, and washing-up liquid. I will also be making a Neem Oil spray. It is all trail and error at the moment, but fingers crossed I will get the right remedy, and the plants will continue to grow and produce lovely vegetables.

Blog post by Richard Randall

Easington Colliery Beach – Free Dog Toys

The other day we took Barley, our Lurcher down onto Easington Colliery Beach for a run. It was not long before he found a boat fender on the foreshore. He had a good play with it and Laura lugged it home for him. He is now the proud owner of possibly the Worlds largest dog toy.


Blog post by Richard Randall

SupaGarden Pressure Sprayer

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with bugs in my Kitchen Garden and on the Allotment, so I decided to invest in a SupaGarden Pressure Sprayer. I’ve used it for a few days now and it seems very robust. My only niggle is the carry strap is a bit narrow and when the sprayer is full it cuts in to my shoulder a bit. I’ll have to dig out an old camera strap to replace the one of the sprayer.


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Shepherd Neame 1698 Bottle Conditioned Ale

Shepherd Neame 1698 is very enjoyable bottle conditioned ale. It is a spicy, fruity and malty ale with a hoppy finish. Nice mouth feel. The ABV is 6.5% but it does not taste very alcoholic.

Shepherd Neame 1698
Shepherd Neame Limited
The Faversham Brewery
17 Court Street
Kent. ME13 7AX
United Kingdom

Blog post by Richard Randall

Three Horse Shoes Inn – Running Waters

My mother is up here on a visit to County Durham, as she isn’t staying with us, I thought it would make a change to take her out to lunch, and it would give me a break from my usual kitchen duties.
I used google maps to find a pub in a convenient location, settling on the Three Horse Shoes in Running Waters. Mistake!
Our meals arrived and the portions were massive.
Mum was happy, and so was I until I started to eat my lunch. The carrots and peas were both very over cooked. The chips were soggy and had raw bits in them. The sauce was tepid. My food was seriously disgusting. Thankfully mum was happy with hers.
When we departed the table it was only mums plate that showed signs of being touched. My plate had almost all of the food still on it, minus a couple of mouthfuls.
At least the Three Horse Shoes Inn had a couple of cask beers on tap from The Durham Brewery. I opted for a pint of White Velvet, which went down much better than the food.
The pub itself is o.k. There’s ample seating, and the staff were friendly – presumably they don’t have to eat the food.
There is a small outside seating area at the rear of the pub, and a large car-park at the front.
I would visit the Three Horse Shoes Inn, at Running Waters again – but only if I was passing and only for a drink. The ‘food’ was the worst I’ve had in a very long time. I wish I’d just cooked lunch at home.

5/10 (If I was scoring just on the food, it would be  0/10)
Three Horse Shoes
Running Waters
Sherburn House
Phone: 0191 3720286

Blog post by Richard Randall

Gillette Cool Wave

Yesterday a packet arrived in the post. It was a set of Gillette Cool Wave products that I won on the FRESH & FEARLESS blog. While it is a small prize, it is a very useful one, so cheers Aftab.
Gillette Cool Wave

Blog post by Richard Randall
Total prize value to date: £1345 (from 1st September 2013).

adraing@8u8.hk = Scam

This random scam arrived in my live.com inbox this morning. These scammers are getting lazy. And don’t get me started on their grammar.
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