UKIP in County Durham

Yesterday a political leaflet popped through my front door.
It was from the lovely people at UKIP. It brightened up my morning. Apart from the spelling mistakes, and horrid grammar (sic), it was packed full of utter drivel.
“Jonathan Arnott MEP. One of the hardest working members of the European Parliament in Britain.” Hard working MEP? That’s a bit of an oxymoron.

Other parts of the leaflet also baffle me.
Here are a two quotes from Jonathan Arnott MEP:

  • “Keep NHS free at the point of care”.
    Does that mean charging for aftercare?
  • “Zero attitude to crime”.
    What the fuck does that mean?

There was also some other nonsense on the leaflet from Jane Collins MEP. That was also baffling.

To muddy the waters even further UKIP are having a public meeting at Horden Catholic Club in Peterlee.
Does that mean the Catholic Church are supporting them? = Scam

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